Mitchell Haber

Why Mitch For School Board?

First and foremost, it is my intent to drive the school board culture to one of cooperation and strategic thinking. I seek to promote a culture of decorum and respect while ensuring we consider the future goals for grades K through 12.
I recognize my children have benefited from Owen J. Roberts (OJR) School District, as students leveraging support services and gifted programs alike. It is a civic duty to ensure the school district progresses forward and continues to serve as an effective institution for our children and community.
While we are a fine school district driven by our teachers, there are new aggressive goals set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education that we will need to come to terms with, as well as, a host of other issues from educational equity to safety topics. We need to support our teachers and think in terms of strategic planning to ensure we utilize our taxpayer money responsibly to benefit to the entire student body and society.  

Mitch’s Vision

As a board member, I wish to promote my C.A.S.E. approach:

It is imperative leaders set the example of respect by engaging in civil discourse, as well as, reaching decisions with input from teachers, parents, students, at the community at large.

Forward and strategic thinking school board will help propel the direction for the future and avoid being reactionary to issues.

The board needs to consider sensible policies to ensure the school environment is physically and emotionally a safe environment, so students can focus on being their best selves.

Education is the mission! Policies promoting school equity and empowering teachers will ensure the best educational opportunities for all students.

The timing is right for fresh perspectives to help us focus on shaping new opportunities.

Mitch’s Brief Background

Life Experiences and Community Involvement:

  • Father of seven children, including two adopted children who were wards of the state.
  • OJR District resident for 10+ years
  • Our house is known to our daughter’s peers as “the house that accepts everyone.”
  • American Field Service ( 2019-20 Foreign Exchange Student Host Family
  • Served as a New York State certified foster parent
  • Former youth soccer coach for 10 years
  • Staff member for the New York State Adirondack Wilderness Program for Adjudicated Youth
  • English and Technology Tutor for the Clinton Community College Academic Assistance Center
  • Lifelong learner mentality with over 40 certification classes and currently pursuing my Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Volunteering at numerous employer sponsored events resulting in corporate donations to organizations such as: Elmwood Park Zoo – Ellapazoola Youth Cancer Event, Garden of Health Inc, St. Augustine Academy, and American Field Service (AFS).

Professional Life:

I have a 20+ year corporate career:

  • Leading global teams for technology related projects.
  • Building organization mission and vision.
  • Specializing in business analysis and defining improvements.
  • Forming and leading governing bodies, especially for change management.