Marquita Hill

Why I’m Running

Marquita believes in the importance of quality public education.

She currently has a child in Renaissance Academy Charter school. I have a vested interest in seeing our OJR schools be the best.

She firmly believes that every child in the district has the right to a quality education.

It is the responsibility of the school board to oversee and ensure that those opportunities are available for every child.

She envisions a district where communication is our top priority.

She believes that all of us involved in the schools want our children and students to succeed. To that end we must create a district focused on success in the 21st century economy.

We must promote programs that are both focused on the future, yet educationally sound.

We must be certain that we are always operating in the best interest of our students and resist the temptation to chase after the highest short- term test score.


She strongly feels that all children have the right to a safe, nurtured, and accepting school campus.

She believes it is the job of the district to work with our teachers and parents so that our adults are the models for respectful behavior, fairness, and equality, regardless of the child’s status or profile.


Recent graduate of Albright College.

Has lived in the OJR district for four years

Has two children, 25 and 12 both of them attend(ed) public schools

Has 20+ years in Accounting and Customer Service, where she has trained and supervised departments of employees on all skill levels

Currently works for ComastNBCU in Oaks PA, purchasing for Universal Orlando Studios and Hollywood theme parks.